5 Bands That Are Reviving “Bluegrass”

If you are a lover of country music, then you must know bluegrass. But if you are hearing or reading this for the first time, there is no need to worry. Bluegrass is regarded as a section of the country music. Bluegrass music is in general known to be centered on unamplified devices. Wondering what is the difference between it and country music? Check it out.

What differentiates bluegrass from country music?

The difference between these two is defined by the kind of instruments sectioned and the way the instruments are utilized. Another thing that differentiates them is the structure of songs. It is a bit different and you can easily distinguish after you listen to each song. Additionally, country music includes of majorly ballads and dance tunes that focus majorly on a firm rhythm.
The history of bluegrass music dates back into the 1940s and some bands are still reviving it. If you are a fan of this kind of music, here are some bands that you should be following.

The Avett Brothers

This is a folk-rock band. They come from Concord in North Carolina. One of the best things about this band is that it is constituted of brothers. This band combines bluegrass, pop melodies, rock, folk, and country to generate a novel and music described as possessing the heavy blues of Townes Van Zandt.

Mumford and Sons

This band was formed in 2007 and it is British. This band is huge and they have released 4 studio albums. The band started by making use of folk, and bluegrass instrumentation. In their start, core devices of acoustic guitar, piano, banjo, and double bass, performed with a musical way based in different folk and rock.

Trampled by Turtles

This is another music band that is reviving bluegrass music. The band is American and from Minnesota. It plays folk-rock and bluegrass. The band has released 8 complete albums. The fifth release of this band maintained their position for one year, in the top ten of the bluegrass charts.

Old Crow Medicine Show

This American string band resides in Nashville, Tennessee. It has been around since 1998 and they won the Best Folk Album Grammy Award in 2014. The music of this band has been termed as old-time, alternative country and folk. Additionally, this band performs pre-World War ll folk and blues songs. It is among the top brands that are improving bluegrass.

The Devil Makes Three

This band is based in Santa Cruz in California. It combines country, blues, folk, bluegrass, ragtime, jazz, and old-time music. In their 20th anniversary, this band released their 6th studio album. Even if you are not a fan of bluegrass music, this band will make you love it.


If you have been confusing country music with bluegrass music, now you know what differentiates them. We cannot list all the bands here. The bands listed here are some of those that are helping to revive bluegrass music. Check of their upcoming performances near you and have fun – read article on social benefits of music therapy.